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Required Items For A Installment Loans Secured by an Auto Title(s) Loan

IJLfinancial makes the loan process fast and simple for you, so you can take care of your financial needs right away. Here is a list of required items you need to have with you when applying for a Installment Loans Secured by an Auto Title(s) loan.


When you visit the store make sure you bring the following items: 

  1. Your free and clear title for the collateral (name of applicant has to be on title) and Proof of DMV registration. 1.
  2. Driver's license or state issued ID card and Social Security Card. 2.
  3. Proof of Income (recent paystubs, w2's, Taxes, 1099's, award letters.). 3. 4.
  4. Spare Key
  5. Proof of address: A utility bill in your name (water, electric, trash, sewer)
  6. Bring the vehicle(s) you plan to use as collateral for loan
  7. Poof of insurance

1. unless paying off competitor or vehicle purchase

2. Two forms of ID that meet applicable Patriot Act standards.

3. You do not need to share alimony, child support or separate maintenance income unless you want it considered.

4. If you receive income that is non taxable, it may be upwardly adjusted to account for the non-taxable status.

Lost title? OK

Can’t find your title? No problem! As long as you own your car free and clear, we can help. Please bring in your vehicle(s) registration and we will get started right away.

Out of State Title? OK

Just moved here? No problem! All we need is the title. We will get a Idaho title and registration for the vehicle. Furthermore, we can include the registration fees in the loan so you don’t have to worry about paying the DMV on the spot!










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