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What is a Vehicle/Auto Loan Secured by an Auto Title?

A vehicle/auto loan secured by an auto title is a simple loan that uses your car or truck (or other titled property) as collateral. For people with limited credit history, poor credit or simply in need of a quick loan without all the hassles of dealing with a big bank, vehicle/auto loan secured by an auto title are an excellent funding source.

Vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title can be used to pay for:

  • Emergencies
  • Bills
  • Textbooks
  • Anything else you might need extra cash for
  • Refinance higher interest loans
  • Tide you over while waiting for your paycheck
  • Take advantage of an insanely good deal!
  • Food and shelter

Learn More About Vehicle/Auto Loans Secured by an Auto Title.

Vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title are much like other loans you may get from a bank, credit card company or individual. The main difference is that a vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title specifically states what collateral is used to secure the loan. In most cases, when people refer to a vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title loan they are talking about a car title being used as the collateral. Here with IJLfinancial in Nampa, Idaho almost any titled property can be used for a loan.

Vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title are named because of the lenders demanding the certificate of ownership of the vehicle, known as the title. The borrowers are not restricted from making use of the vehicle during the period of the loan, because only title is secured by the lender. 


While Vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title may have higher interest rates than a credit card or other loans, they are intended primarily as a shorter term loans to be used for cash in emergency situations, to catch up on bills or to help the borrower through an unexpected financial issue.


Vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title are great for people with limited credit history or poor credit. Since the loan is being secured with a title about the only major requirement is that the title is clear of any issues and the vehicle is fully owned by the person taking the loan. Borrowers must be aware that in the event that a title loan isn't repaid in full, the car or titled property used to secure the loan may be permanently lost since it is required to cover the unpaid loan.

The process of obtaining assistance through Vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title is no different from the other loans. Borrowers have to be watchful for lenders who charge exorbitantly high rates of interest. One must take vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title only from the licensed lenders who are authorized to offer these loans. They may even undertake checks to ensure that these lenders have the necessary credentials to offer vehicle/auto loans secured by an auto title.











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